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  • The North West Warbirds at windy Woodvale show. A real variety show that has something for all the family. width:640;;height:428
  • This Spitfire could be John Jackson's at Woodvale width:640;;height:428
  • Spitfire seen at Woodvale width:640;;height:428
  • Zero - at Woodvale 2010 width:640;;height:428
  • OOps The crowds love. the pilots and model builders don't. When flying RC you have to be able to take the rough with smooth. width:640;;height:428
  • The Nats - Thats the National, the annual bout of competitions hosted by the B.M.F.A - British Model Flying Association. These chaps are flying control line. Photo Punkie width:640;;height:428
  • At the Nats - Speed Racing is a popular control line event. Photo Punkie width:640;;height:428
  • Typical group of modellers at the Nats width:640;;height:428
  • Free Flight is when a model is flown without active control. It is a skilled sport, the models are trimed to fly flight patterns. This model heads straight toward the camera - Photo Punkie width:640;;height:428
  • More Free Flight. width:640;;height:428
  • A lovely shot of a vintage Free Flight Model width:640;;height:428
  • Free Flighters oftem wait for the calm air at dusk. It does not get any better than this. Photo Punkie width:640;;height:428
  • Night flight at the Nats and the camera catches a model looping in the dark. The slow shutter speed at night turns the model into a loop of light. Photo Punkie width:640;;height:428
  • Andy Johnsons Victor at Woodvale - Two large Wren Turbines power this model of a Cold War giant. It's probably the most realistic jet aircraft we have ever seen. Woodvale 2010 width:600;;height:397
  • Is it real? is it a Model? It's Andy (Wool) Johnsons Victor at Woodvale 2010. width:640;;height:430
  • The Victor at Woodvale. width:595;;height:480
  • Woodvale 2010 - It's agreat day out for the family. There's a good show of tanks and jeeps. width:640;;height:480
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