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JP Twister 2.4G Police Helicam RTF

JP Ref: 6600200 Twister 2.4G Police Helicam RTF (UK) (LEDs) as seen in the Sunday Times Top Tech List November 2011 - Number 5 in the World's Best Gadgets

  • Twister Police Cam Fitted With The Eco Flycam to Record Your Flights
  • So stable - it almost flies itself!
  • Checked, test-flown and Flight Guaranteed - so you know it flies!
  • With LBW & MOPS (Low battery warning and Motor overload protection)
  • Comes with Planet T5p 2.4GHz transmitter and R6M 2.4GHz receiver
  • Rechargeable Li-po battery, 12V fast charger, 240V power unit included
  • FREE - 4 spare main rotor blades plus 4 AA alkalines for transmitter
  • Rotor Diameter - 455mm (Flying weight - 406g)

Incredible BIG co-axial stability combined with the superb ECO FlyCamOne STILL & VIDEO on-board camera system to produce a movie-generating, plod-powered mega-camera from ONE versatile machine!

Featuring world-famous Twister reliability, bright LED running lights and rock-solid Planet 2.4GHz performance R/C you know the secret incriminating video footage of the latest family barbecue will safely reach the security of your hard disk for playback at your leisure!

German-designed ECO FlyCamOne R/C camera system is factory-fitted

Not just a video/still camera system but a precision-engineered piece of R/C hardware to digitally record video with sound or stills and designed specifically to respond to commands from your R/C transmitter - entirely controlled FROM YOUR TRANSMITTER!

Use the special 5th channel switch of the supplied Planet T5 transmitter to switch between video mode, still mode and burst still mode. To start/stop recording and even to invert the picture if you're flying upside down or live in Australia!

Use the Rapid Rush Micro SD card and adaptor (pt no 5505218, not supplied) to record footage for playback/storage on your Mac or PC.

First-timer friendly

Just like the hugely popular Twister Medevac, the Twister police Helicam is simply a knockout first-time R/C helicopter and completely suited to people with no RC flying experience whatsoever.

With everything included - transmitter, spare parts, 240V power supply, 12V charger, lip - you'll be in the air more quickly and more confidently - with a unique camera-equipped model.

Unique damage prevention features LBW

We've engineered in some helicopter-saving features that even experts will like, such as integral LBW; a low lipo battery warning system that activates a blue flashing beacon parked behind the main rotors when it's time to land and recharge. As any experienced electric flight pilot will tell you, it's just too easy to fly for a few seconds too long and knock a lipo cell out making it impossible to recharge your battery.

Unique damage prevention features - MOPS The revolutionary MOPS (Motor Overload Protection System) helps prevent damage to your drive motors and speed controller by killing the motors automatically on blade-stopping tip-overs - then automatically re-energising the system some seconds later! So no more burnt out motors, batteries, and you can kiss goodbye to those bad ole' smokin' speed controllers!

Reassuring for new pilots and comforting for experienced pilots.

State-of-the-art electronics in one package

The '3-in-1' on-board electronics package includes piezo gyro, electronic mixers and speed controllers PLUS a computer fail-safe, an LED system check, and a motor safe-start facility!

Fail-safe and safe-start

In addition to the amazing LBW and MOPS damage prevention systems, the fail-safe cuts power to the main motor in the event of transmitter failure while the safe-start only allows starting when the throttle stick is low so there is no danger of connecting the flight battery and inadvertently sending power instantly to the motors.

Professional transmitter

The Planet T5 transmitter and R6M micro receiver have been designed for crystal-free operation of your Twister helicopter. It uses state-of-the-art computer technology to bind the transmitter and receiver in such a fashion that, under most model flying conditions, interference that would normally cause loss of control in 35mHz or 27mHz equipment is nearly always rejected and in most cases radio functionality is entirely unaffected. This makes for a safer, more reassuring flying experience.

The new design single aerial micro receiver is ultra-compact and allows for rapid and convenient installation especially when compared with some 2.4GHz twin-unit multi-aerial receiver designs available.

High performance Li Poly battery and charger system

Both a 12V automatic DC charger PLUS a 240 volt mains adaptor are included giving the option of charging from a 12 volt power source directly or 240 volt mains. Charge time is around 1 hour.


Spares are available through local model and hobby shops.

Twister Helicam took 5th place in the Worlds Best Gadgets Tech List in the Sunday Times November 2011! Need we say more?



£129.99 Each

Out of stock.
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