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Hangar 9 Meridian 10cc ARF

Hanger 9 REF HAN5015 Meridian 10cc ARF

The Hangar 9 Meridian not only offers pilots the chance to improve their flying skills, it also offers the opportunity to become familiar with "petrol power" without having to build or buy a larger model. This is especially true with the availability of Evolution's 10cc petrol engine.

The obvious major benefit of using a petrol engine is the huge savings to be made on running costs when compared to the price of glow fuel, however those used to glow models will also appreciate the cleaner operation of petrol engines that generally leaves no oily residue over the model.

Constructed in the traditional way using balsa and plywood the model is both lightweight and durable and features a striking Ultracote colour scheme with matching pre-painted fibreglass cowling and wheel spats. Accurate ground handling is assured thanks to the tricycle landing gear and steerable nose leg, this remains attached to the fuselage and combined with the two-piece plug-in-wing the model is both easy to assemble and transport. The fuselage has a large access hatch providing easy access to the radio gear or if powering the model with an electric motor, access to the flight battery.

Whatever power option is used be it petrol, two or four stoke glow engines or electric power, no additional modifications or hardware is needed as all the necessary parts for all are included. This along with Hangar 9's illustrated assembly guide means this super model can be flight ready in just a few hours.

The wing has working flaps for improved landing and take offs, adding a new dimension for pilots making the transition to low-wing models.


  • Wingspan: 1752mm (69.0 inch)
  • Overall length: 1400mm (55.25 inch)
  • Wing area: 56.75 sq dm (879.6 sq inch)
  • Flying weight: 3200-3700 g (7-8 lbs)
  • Engine Size: 10cc petrol, .62-.72 4-stroke glow, .52-.61 2-stroke glow
  • Motor Size: Power 46
  • Recommended Motor Battery: 4S 4000mAh
  • Minimum Required Radio: 5+ channel
  • Servos: 7 standard (6 if EP)
  • Prop Size: 12x6 - 13x6 (10cc), 14x7E (EP)
  • Spinner Size: 63.5mm (2-1/4 inch)
  • Trim Scheme Colours: True Red (U866), White (U870), Black (U874)
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: No


  • Designed to fit the Evolution 10cc petrol engine for economy and ease of operation
  • Flaps add a new dimension to take off and landings
  • Tricycle landing gear for superb ground handling
  • Covered in highly durable UltraCote
  • Landing gear remains attached to fuselage for easy transportation
  • Large top fuselage hatch for quick access to radio gear and EP battery
  • Pre-painted fibreglass cowl and wheel pants
  • Electric power ready with no extra hardware to buy or modifications to make
  • Two-piece plug-in wings are simple to assemble and compact to transport


£182.99 Each

Out of stock.
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